structural glazing systems  

Structural Glazing Systems

We can provide a proprietary SG type structural glazing system, which incorporates a traditional curtain wall back box internally, but achieves a 'flush' appearance externally by the use of structural silicone joints, negating the need for pressure plates and face caps.

Opening windows can be incorporated within the system, which can be manufactured as concealed vents. This means they are not visible from the outside when in the closed position.

The SG curtain wall system is generally more expensive than a standard capped system, and is more limited in terms of incorporating different styles of opening windows. The internal mullion and transom box members of the SG system are supplied with a polyester powder paint finish, available in a standard range of colours.

As an alternative for higher profile projects, we can provide a bolt-glazed system (Planar type) as part of a package.

Typical interface and fixing details can be provided on request.



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