There are two stages of design at Harley, the first being at estimating stage, the second being working drawings for a live contract.

Estimating stage
At Harley, our approach to developing a detailed tender submission is to take the architects drawings, and build a 3D model using our sophisticated 3D modelling software. This allows us to identify important interfaces, correctly measure the entire facade, as well as planning access strategies and material

Once the 3D model is created, it can be used for client presentations, as well as supporting information for building control and planning departments. Our estimating department will be pleased to give a demonstration on request.

Working drawings 
Once a project is secured, a Harley design and project management team is appointed, with a lead designer taking initial control of the process. From receipt of construction issue drawings, we create elevations and sections using AutoCAD, identifying the material choices and interface details. Material schedules are then produced as confirmation of sizes, colours, and configurations. These are submitted to the architect and main contractor for approval, prior to commencement of the manufacturing process.

A full set of approved drawings are issued to Harley site personnel prior to the commencement of the works. At Harley, a full time site based project manager is appointed to every scheme, to ensure that the envelope is constructed strictly in accordance with the approved construction drawings.


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