bespoke systems  

Bespoke Systems

For the larger scale project, we have the design capability to produce either a partially bespoke, or fully bespoke curtain wall system.

A partially bespoke design is a low-cost solution for creating a unique appearance by enhancing a proprietary curtain wall system. This is achieved with a non-standard face cap design whilst retaining all the integrity of the standard system. Nicholas Burwell Architects have used this very successfully on a number of projects.

A fully bespoke system can be designed, but this is totally dependent on timescale and budget. Allowances would have to be made for fully testing the system. We have our own brand new curtain wall system, currently under wraps, but ready for further development when the right project comes along. We would welcome any interest in working with us, in partnership, to further develop our own curtain walling system.


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bespoke systems